5 Tips to Reduce Anxiety


I thought for my first blog post i’d focus on what encouraged me most to start a blog which is mental health. I’ve been suffering with multiple anxiety disorders since September 2016 and want to share my tips on how to reduce anxiety; it is important to note that these are tips that help me personally but I hope you can also find them helpful.

  • Exercise

If you’ve been researching into ways to reduce your anxiety you’ve more than likely already came across this tip. Exercise isn’t just great for your body but great for your mind also! The exercise you decide to do doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, a fifteen minute walk can help clear your mind and relax.

  • Take deep breaths and count to 10.

If you’re in a situation where you feel anxious or panicked, place your hand on your stomach and take deep breaths, really focus on the breath. Another thing I find useful when my breathing is under control is looking at what i can see and thinking about what i can hear and smell. Deep breathing also helps to stop heart palpitations which may or may not be a side effect of your anxiety.

  •     Tell people about how you’re feeling

This is probably, my most important tip. A problem shared is a problem halved, talking to someone – a friend, family member, partner, GP  – can help you to not as feel isolated and it may lift a weight of your shoulders. At first, they may find it hard to understand but education is the key and you can find ways together to get the support you need.

If you don’t feel like you’d be able to talk to a relative or friend about how you’re feeling or want more information about anxiety these are useful places to find out more information or talk to someone: Anxiety UK , MIND , No Panic

  •  Limit/Avoid: caffeine, alcohol, Nicotine and Drugs.

In my experience, caffeine and alcohol can aggravate or trigger my anxiety therefore I personally avoid it.

  • Take time out for yourself

Find something that you enjoy doing personally. It doesn’t have to be much but something as simple as reading a book or listening to music may help you to relax.

And that’s my top 5 tips to reduce anxiety. Like I’ve said previously these are my personal tips! What works for me may not work for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that its helped you in some way. Please leave me some feedback on things you’d like to see on my page.

Sinead x


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