Walking Away Anxiety


I have multiple anxiety disorders and most days I feel anxious. However, my anxiety is severely worse when I leave the safe walls of my home, therefore, I was pleasantly surprised that I could find a safe space outside due to walking.

For me personally, walking is my escape from anxiety. I typically like to walk somewhere peaceful with lots of fields and open space where there’s hardly any people (currently the idea of busy crowds sends me into an anxious wreck). My 7 month old puppy – pebbles – is the perfect excuse to go on a walk and its also comforting for me to know that she’s there and takes my mind of any potential triggers.

For anyone who lives with an Anxiety Disorder will know that you can sometimes feel like a prisoner in your own mind and walking is the only time that I don’t feel anxious; I’m not a prisoner, and I feel free again.

Science has shown the benefits of walking (physical exercise in general) to help relieve anxiety. If you’re reading this and thinking: “I walk all the time and still feel anxious.” Then perhaps consider walking somewhere different and think about how often you walk and how long you walk for. It is important to remember that everyone is different, what works for me may not work for others but its all about finding out what does relieve your anxiety. I’ve recently written a blog on my tips to reduce anxiety if you’d like to find other ways to help reduce your anxiety.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. I’d love to hear any ways in which you help to reduce your anxiety so contact me or comment below.

Sinead x


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