Night Time Anxiety

Night time possesses something different to daytime, especially when it comes down to anxiety. After a while I started to fear night-time and that the things that night-time includes; the darkness, silence, thoughts and loneliness. I longed for the daytime as soon as it was dark, wishing away the dark hours so that the lighter ones could come sooner. I still do fear night-time sometimes however, I decided that I needed to do something about my night-time anxiety as living in a cycle of fearing the night is going to end up taking its toll.

My anxiety comes and goes throughout the day and I’ve got various ways in which try to tackle that anxiety; my anxiety tips. However, at night-time my anxiety manifests itself and some of the tips that help me reduce my anxiety in the day don’t seem to help as much at night therefore, I wanted to write a blog on how I cope with my night-time anxiety.

  • Avoid: caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the evening.

Caffeine, is an obvious thing to avoid considering it will keep you awake. I also find that nicotine and alcohol aggravate my anxiety, and, bring on my symptoms of anxiety so I avoid/limit them as much as possible in the evening as well as in the daytime.

  • Bed Habits

Firstly, avoid laying in bed for longer than 15-20 minutes; bed is a place for sleeping not worrying and obsessing. Don’t get into bed until you feel like you’d be able to fall asleep. I like to distract myself if I can’t go to sleep and keep over thinking by: watching tv, writing, listening to calm music and even sometimes I do some light exercise such as star jumps for a couple of minutes.

  • Herbal/Natural Remedies

CBD (cannabidiol hemp oil) is made from high CBT, low THC (less than 0.3% in the UK to meet legal requirements) and is non-psychoactive so, no, it won’t get you high. I’m going to write a separate blog on why I love CBD oil so much however, if you’re interested in trying some click here and please read the directions and check with a health professional before taking.

Furthermore, taking any herbal remedies such as: St Johns Wort, Rescue Remedy, Calms, Valerian Root etc can help relieve mild symptoms of anxiety however, please check with a medical professional beforehand to ensure you’re okay to take any medication/supplements. You can find any herbal/natural remedies in a chemist or health store such as: holland and Barrett.

Id also like to note that herbal/natural remedies are not only effective when taken to relieve anxiety but are also beneficial to take for a better sleep. I personally prefer to take natural/herbal remedies as I always suffer bad side effects from prescribed medication.

  • Breathing

As written in my 5 tips to reduce anxiety blog, taking deep breaths whilst placing your hand on your stomach and the other hand on your heart, will help you to gain back control over your breathing and may prevent a panic attack. I try to block everything out of my mind and focus on breathing in for 3 counts ,then, breathing out for 3 counts – I like to repeat this until I feel I have regained control.

  • Exercise

As mentioned above, if I’m struggling to fall asleep I like to do some light, simple, exercise for a couple of minutes to burn off energy. I prefer to carry out my daily exercise in the evening as not only does it burn off energy therefore make me feel tired, but it also lets me shake off any problems/frustrations the day as brought.

  • Baths

This may just be a tip that helps me, but I find that having a bath makes me feel tired therefore, I like to take a bath a couple of hours before I go to sleep. I’d also recommend putting some form of lavender in your bath such as: a lavender bath bomb, as it provides sleeping benefits.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and please remember that these are things that help me. As always, please comment, follow and subscribe to keep updated with my latest blogs. I always love hearing what you all have to say so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sinead x








12 thoughts on “Night Time Anxiety

  1. I used to wake with anxiety running through every pore each morning. It was horrible. I found basic beta blockers were good for helping slightly slow the adrenaline. Better still, meditation. A technique which, with prolongued practice, is a godsend. But, as you say, also avoid caffeine at all costs (so hard, I love tea).

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    1. I tried beta blockers but I have really bad side effects, like I do with any medication I’ve tried for my anxiety. I’ll give meditation a try! Always up for trying new things. I know, it’s so hard – I’m more of a coffee person. Breaks my heart haha.


      1. Ive tried citalopram twice, the first time was for depression then the second time for my anxiety but it seemed to make it worse – i don’t seem to react well with medication 😦 I’m doing CBT soon though so hopefully it will help *fingers crossed*.

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  2. I have nighttime anxiety too. :/ It’s really bad because I tend to play on my phone while in bed. I typically have the phone screen set to the lowest brightness too bc I’ve heard if it’s too bright, it can induce my body into a state of wakefulness and decrease sleepiness. I try not to drink caffeine after 4 pm. I’ve heard some things about milk supposedly inducing sleepiness, but I’m not sure?

    I find that if I consistently sleep badly, I suffer from sleep paralysis if I sleep on the right side. Sometimes it varies and I end up having sleep paralysis if I fall asleep on my left side.

    Even when I start to feel sleepy, I kinda fight it. I don’t know what it is, really. It’s almost like I’m afraid of missing things if I’m asleep, or I’m afraid of what I’ll see in my dreams. There have been times I can tell I’m dreaming and none of it is real but other times I’ve dreamt stuff and been terrified out of my mind thinking it’s all real until I wake up in a sweat.

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    1. That sounds awful, I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis but I know people that have and it must be frightening! Thank you for sharing that with me. Have you tried any medication or therapy to help you sleep? Even things like meditation before sleeping may help you to feel tired. I used to go on my phone before sleep, but, I read that it prevents sleep so perhaps try putting your phone down and reading a book? My partner drinks milk before going to sleep, it seems to help him a bit but maybe try a lavender bath or placing some drops of lavender oil on your pillows. I really hope night time gets better for you and you find something that helps you, there’s lots out there to try. Keep me updated on your journey x

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      1. Sleep paralysis is perceived differently based on the sufferer of it, I think. The common one I’ve heard is that something is sitting on your chest and you are awake but unable to move. For me, sleep paralysis is being awake (while my eyes are still closed) and I can’t move any part of my body. I often feel as if my breath is being suffocated or hindered, but I never thought it as an invisible force hurting me.

        Yes, I feel being on my phone before bed is bad too. 😦 Sometimes I feel ridiculous knowing this is what myself and most of society has become… glued to our phones almost 24/7. I wish I could literally disappear to a tiny island where there’s no wifi or cellular data and just nature and good hard work to get around.

        I haven’t tried any meds or therapy. Some people take melatonin to help with sleep? I’m skeptical if that kind of stuff works for me and a bit scared to think about if pills could have a bad effect on me. Also, I can’t swallow pills so the times I’ve had to take any, I crush them into powder and gulp it down really fast with water. Then again, some pills are bad to ingest as powder bc then it causes the body to absorb it too fast.

        Where can I get lavender oil? I have no idea what it looks like so I would likely pass right by it at the grocery store without knowing it lol.

        Reading a book sounds like a great idea, but I may have an issue with it since sometimes I get so engrossed in what I’m reading that I will keep reading to get to the next chapter even though I feel tired.

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      2. That sounds dreadful. I know a few people that have experienced sleep paralysis and it honestly sounds terrible! Yes, we certainly are addicted to our phones and technology however, its very useful so it does have its benefits.

        I personally, don’t take any medication for my anxiety disorders anymore (and i haven’t in the past when i suffered from insomnia) as they made me feel much worse and i suffered side effects – thats just my experience but go with your gut instinct – everyone is different what medication works great for one person may not work the same for another. I’d definitely try get some more info on therapy, its probably the most effective treatment to get to the root of why its happening.

        You can get lavender oil online, or in a pharmacy/health store. Its also relatively cheap depending where you go. My lavender oil is in a small box with a photo of the product on the front – I’m not sure where its from as my mum brought it for me.

        I suffer that problem with books sometimes but even so, its a good way to rewind your brain and get it away from that phone light haha!

        Sinead x

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