The days before

As you all already know if you’ve read my previous blogs, my anxiety disorders stop me from leaving the house, I feel afraid, nervous and unsettled even thinking about leaving my home. The days before knowing that I’ve got to go out somewhere are full of anxiety and my thoughts consume my day and night. Its easier to take my mind off the idea of going out in the daytime but at night, its more of a struggle.

Tomorrow, I’m attending a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) assessment interview, where I’m assuming they’ll ask questions before going ahead with the therapy, just to ensure that it’s the right therapy for me and that I don’t need a different kind. Currently, I’m trying to stop persuading myself to not cancel the appointment and make it for a different date however, I’ve already cancelled once beforehand, so I can’t do that again. I know that I need to go as it’s potentially the best thing to help my anxiety disorders but, I’d rather stay in the safe comfort of my own home and I can’t help the urge to want to do so.

The idea of getting on a bus and going into town, which I haven’t done in months, suffocates me. The strangers, new places and crowds of people; I’m terrified.
I’m going to stay as optimistic and calm as possible and I pray, that CBT will be the next step towards my recovery and I’ll be sharing with you all, my experience of CBT, let’s just hope it’s a good one.

I’d love you hear your experiences of cognitive behavioural therapy, both positive and negative, so comment or contact me below. Also don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my blog, or follow my social media to get recent updates of my blog posts.

I’m also looking for someone to write a guest blog on my site about their journey, tips, experiences etc, so if you’re interested please contact me.

Sinead x


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