Spring Ruffles

I just had to share this top with you all for my first fashion blog. The top itself is really flattering with its playful ruffles and brightens up your outfit with its gorgeous sky blue colour. I also love an off the shoulder top as they’re always comfortable and elegant to wear.

The ruffles at the top and bottom of the sleeve aren’t overwhelming but make a great statement – sometimes less is more.

The ruffles on this top are so airy and lightweight making them a perfect spring/summer item.

The back of this top has three buttons going down the middle which I found to be a cute addition – you could probably get away with wearing the top back to front if you’d prefer the buttons on the front, I was tempted to.

I waned to focus on the top for this blog therefore, I didn’t want to include any other items of clothing, however, you could wear this top with leggings (which I did), jeans, a pencil skirt, shorts – literally anything. I purchased this top from Zara which cost £19.99, if you’re interested in purchasing the top click here.

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Sinead x


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