KKW X Kylie Cosmetics


I was able to get my hands on the limited edition KKW X KYLIE lipsticks which has been created to represent Kim Kardashian’s signature nude look.


I, much to my amazement, successfully ordered the lipsticks from kylie cosmetics on the first release date which then took around 14 days for me to receive after I had paid for customs charges. It did take longer than previous orders from Kylie Cosmetics to arrive but it does state that it can take up to 10-21 business days internationally and that as this was a limited edition product, the time may vary. But overall, I had no complaints with the delivery.


I paid $45.00 (£34.86) for the lipstick kit, $14.95 (£11.58) for shipping and £17.05 customs fee – altogether I paid £63.49, which is a LOT of money to spend on four lipsticks even if it is Kylie Jenner’s company.

The packaging is simply a bit of me – I love it.

I adore a matte lip which I felt Kylie had perfected with older products that I have purchased – Koko K and Leo – so I was sceptical to try a creme lipstick however, I was not disappointed at all. The new crème formula has a glossy finish which isn’t drying on the lips and feels smooth and lightweight to wear. I also find that the lipsticks are all super pigmented and aren’t sticky/tacky to wear and don’t crack although, I do think that the lipsticks would look better if it came with lip liner’s or had the option of buying the lip liners separately. Another disappointing factor is that the price is pretty extortionate; there are products out there with the same quality at a more reasonable price but overall I LOVE these lipsticks and If you’re someone who loves a nude lip, this kit is for you.



Kimberly is a medium orangey-nude colour. I adore this shade, however it would not be my go to shade as it washes me out a but nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous colour.


This shade is my second favourite out of the four. Kim has hints of peach however does fall closer to a coral shade and doesn’t clash with my pale skin tone.


Kiki, is a soft nude pink shade which is defiantly my favourite out of the four. LOVE.


Kimmie I would describe as a rose petal pink shade. I do also love this shade and would wear it on a daily basis.

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All photos have been taken by myself and should not be used by anyone else without asking me first. Thank you.

Sinead x


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