My Anxiety Journey – The update

This blog post is an updated version of my original post, my anxiety journey, to share with those of you who read my blog what has changed in terms of my anxiety and what life is like for me now. If you’re new to reading my blog or would like to refresh your memory, click here to view my original post.

The first step I took into taking back control of my life was accessing CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). At first, I felt extremely uncomfortable for many reasons, the first reason being: getting to the building I have therapy in which includes a bus ride and a five-minute walk through town which alone set my anxiety off at the idea of doing. Then, there was sitting in a waiting room full of people and after waiting, speaking to someone who you’ve never met before trying to uncover the underlying reasons behind my anxiety disorder’s. Of course, this is TERRIFYING at first, truly, however, after a few sessions I started to notice the positive role therapy was playing in my life: I no longer feared getting on the bus, walking to the shop on my own or going into town. Eventually, I started to dip my feet into what I felt was more dangerous territory such as eating out in public and meeting up with friends in a public place and since becoming more confident in doing those things I have been able to have a couple of nights out. I no longer live in the shadow of my anxiety like I had been doing for the best part of a year – I mostly feel free again.

Things do not change overnight – it is a slow but steady process which takes patience and strength to go through. I still have not finished my journey, I have overcome a lot of my anxieties however there is still a few hurdles left to overcome.

I’m grateful to my anxiety because I have learnt and grown huge amounts as a person – my most important lesson being to appreciate life to its fullest. I never thought I’d be able to do half the things I’ve achieved in these past few months ever again and I really did feel defeated but if you’re reading this and you suffer with an anxiety disorder/s please know that you can overcome your anxiety disorder/s, you will feel free again and you wont be ‘this way’ forever. I recommend everyone with an anxiety disorder/s as well as depression to try CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) – try to find a therapist that you really connect with and who you get along with as that is so important. Of course CBT isn’t for everyone and there are alternatives but give it a go nonetheless.

Love Sinead x



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