5 Tips To Reduce Job Interview Anxiety

Interview anxiety can be a barrier for those looking for work however, for those of us that suffer with an anxiety disorder/s it can be even more challenging therefore, I have put together some tips to help reduce job interview anxiety.

  • Breathe

The most obvious yet important tip is to breathe. Most people when experiencing anxiety take shallow breathes; try to take control of your breathing. My anxiety has been at its worst when attending a job interview therefore, I like to place my hand onto my stomach (this helps me to connect with my breathing) and breathe in for three counts, hold it for two counts and breathe out for three counts.

  • Be prepared

Prepare as best as you can for the interview: look up potential interview questions, find out information about the organisation you’ve applied for, practice your handshake and know where and the time the interview is taking place so that you’re not late. Although these are seen as ‘typical’ things to do before a job interview it can really help in reducing any anxiety you’re feeling. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to not feel anxious as that will only reinforce the anxiety you’re feeling – be yourself, be confident.

  • Look after yourself

It is crucial to: get enough sleep, exercise regularly and avoid drinking anything that has caffeine in as that will only increase your anxiety and do not drink any alcohol; it is never a good idea even if you believe it will ‘relax you’. It is also important to ensure that you eat (even if it is something small) before an interview as you do not want to be attempting to hold in a belly rumble halfway through the interview.  Of course, it is important to note that you should do all of these things regularly not just for a job interview.

  • Listen to music

Listening to music may relieve some anxiety before a job interview therefore, if you feel it would help, make a playlist on your phone of some motivational or relaxing music (whatever music works for you).

  • Be open about how you feel

If you’re feeling anxious during the interview don’t feel ashamed to admit it to the interviewer (it may even help you to relax, I know it helped me). During the beginning of the interview or if the subject arises you could add in something along the lines off “I apologise, I feel nervous as this is my first interview” or “I haven’t had an interview in a while therefore I’m feeling a bit nervous”.

These tips may not work for everyone however, these are the ways that best helped me to be as relaxed as possible during my job interviews. If you’d like more tips to help reduce anxiety click here.

Thank you for reading, make sure you follow me to keep up to date with my latest posts.

Sinead x



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