5 Tips To Reduce Job Interview Anxiety

Interview anxiety can be a barrier for those looking for work however, for those of us that suffer with an anxiety disorder/s it can be even more challenging therefore, I have put together some tips to help reduce job interview anxiety. Breathe The most obvious yet important tip is to breathe. Most people when experiencing [...]


My Anxiety Journey – The update

This blog post is an updated version of my original post, my anxiety journey, to share with those of you who read my blog what has changed in terms of my anxiety and what life is like for me now. If you're new to reading my blog or would like to refresh your memory, click [...]

KKW X Kylie Cosmetics

I was able to get my hands on the limited edition KKW X KYLIE lipsticks which has been created to represent Kim Kardashian's signature nude look. Delivery: I, much to my amazement, successfully ordered the lipsticks from kylie cosmetics on the first release date which then took around 14 days for me to receive after [...]

How To Support Someone With Anxiety & Depression

It can be difficult to know how to support someone with a mental health problem therefore, I am writing a blog on how you can support someone who is going through anxiety and depression. How to support someone who has anxiety disorder/s: Learn about Anxiety By learning about the condition, you may feel it is [...]